Top 5 Apps To Find Investors For Your Start Up

Top 5 Apps to Find Investors For Your Start Up

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Startups frequently face the same issue: where to seek investors for raise stratup funding. This is particularly relevant for hardware businesses, which face a more difficult time attracting investors towards their goods. 

Some founders believe that the sole option to bring investors on deck is if they are picked by an acceleration or incubation. But we are here just to inform you that there are other ways to locate investors. 

As someone who works with startups and hears this question virtually every day, we decided to compile a list of the finest startup funding apps where you can find your future investment for the company and take that to the future level.

Application To Find Investors

Crazy Money:

Crazy Money seems to be Nigeria’s largest adaptable private loan platform, offering financial services to those aged 20 to 55. Crazy Money allows you to draw up to $500,000. The enrollment as well as application procedure is straightforward and uncomplicated. If the credit is approved, the funds will be sent to your savings account. We create it simple and quick to obtain credits and pay expenses. If you pay them back in time, you will earn a better credit rating the following time.


FundersClub promises to provide an unfair edge to companies by utilising sophisticated tools and their huge worldwide connection of 22,000 representatives. Startups have accessibility to local founder network where they may engage with other businessmen and receive assistance through internet as well as in-person meetings. 

You may also receive accessibility to mentorship from members of FundersClub’s staff. These team players have been experienced the whole startup process, from birth to bankruptcy. FundersClub earns a share of your investment’s earnings. They are simply charged when the campaign has a successful consequence. 

Although the eligibility conditions are not stringent, they only admit 2% of applications into their system. They are searching for entrepreneurs in their early stages, with a venture or Phase A financing preferable. They would like to know if your company has the possibility for rapid expansion.


Startups may have accessibility approximately 250,000 investors through SeedInvest’s business funding startup website. Up to this point, they have assisted in the raising of more than $100 millions for 150plus firms. 

SeedInvest pays no retainer to accepted businesses. They will cover all upfront fees, which entrepreneurs will pay under the form of a $10,000 nominal charge at the settlement. Startups are primarily taken accountable for successful marketing. If campaigns fail, SeedInvest will cover the initial expenditures. 

 Placement plus equity fees are examples of additional expenses. Again, they are just charged if the campaign is successful. 

SeedInvest does have a stringent application procedure and only accepts 1% of the firms who apply. Before going further, startups must fulfil the basic necessities. A minimal viable prototype (MVP), evidence of idea, as well as minimum two regular team members is required for startups. They generally have a significant preference for firms that are focused on the customer. So, when your hardware business fits those requirements, SeedInvest is indeed a fantastic option.


GlassDollar concentrates on pairing your company with financiers. They have potential investors filled out requirements and then match businesses that satisfy that requirements with them. This simplifies the process of sourcing and locating investors. You may just be connected with appropriate investors, conserving you time as well as energy. 

 You have to choose which investors will hear your proposal and then proceed from that point. GlassDollar is completely free to utilize, and there involves a simple examination to discover if your firm is eligible. Finding investors has never been simpler — or cooler — thanks to this clever machine learning technique.


AngelList is among the most well-known sites. AngelList connects companies with seed finance and angel investment networks. It also features a jobs page for anyone searching for work in the startup world. If you’re seeking for new employees, you may also publish employment advertising. 

 AngelList allows you to create your own group on the platform, either by email invitations or by integrating your social networking profiles to boost your possibilities of receiving investment. You can also utilise its search feature to identify investors who are a suitable fit for your firm. Making a profile with AngelList seems to be complimentary; therefore you got nothing to loose by utilizing this app to find investors.


We trust that the choices presented above have provided you some ideas about where to move for funding for your company goals. 

It is difficult to locate investors; however, understanding where to seek is the very first move. Then, after you’ve considered every one of your possibilities, you may focus on improving your likelihood of acceptance. 

When you realize where you’ll get investors, you may devote extra time to developing your presentation and campaign components.