5 Reasons That Make Crazy Money Special

5 Reasons That Make Crazy Money Special

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Nowadays, finding an Investment App in the Android or iOS play store is relatively easy. But not every one of them is excellent for helping you with your startup. Among all of the investment apps on the market, Crazy Money is undoubtedly gaining a lot of momentum due to its fabulous features.

This useful Startup funding app not only allows entrepreneurs to find investors for their businesses but also allows you to sell their companies without any hassle. There are several different ways through which Crazy Money is proving itself to be way different from the other startup apps. Keep on reading to know the features of Crazy Money, which make it unique in today’s world.


Reasons Why Crazy Money Is Fantastic

The following reasons will make you choose Crazy Money amid the sea of other investment apps.

Zero Brokerage Fee

One of the most extraordinary things about Crazy Money is that it does not require you to pay a brokerage fee, unlike any other Fundraising app. No matter how much money you end up investing or sourcing through this app, you will not have to pay any brokerage fee to Crazy Money.

By paying only a monthly access fee, you will be able to talk to potential investors without any hindrance. You can find new startups for investment through this app as well. In that case, too, you will not have to pay any brokerage fee.

Zero Commission Fee

Apart from the brokerage fee, Crazy Money also does not ask you to pay any commission fee. You can easily invest in new startups or source finance for your startup without paying any brokerage fee to this phenomenal Startup funding app.

Crazy Money allows you to contact a lot of different people quickly by paying a basic fee. Unlike other investment apps, this one is entirely transparent. You can be assured that Crazy Money will not end up charging you some magnanimous fee after a transaction.

Only $49.99 Subscription Fee

Even though Crazy Money does not charge any brokerage or commission fee to its users, it demands a monthly fee of $49.99. This amount might sound too high for some of you, but it is worth it. By paying this amount, you will get to find investors for your new startup exceptionally easily. The massive volume of investors on this app will make sourcing finance for your company relatively easy.

If you are an investor, you will have to pay the access fee mentioned above. Through payment of this Fee, you will get to find a wide variety of startups for investing in. The user-friendliness of Crazy Money helps you communicate with different startup owners quite easily.

The best thing about this app is that you can sell a stake in your company after paying the access fee over there. Moreover, it is also possible for you to sell 100% of your company on this app without minimal hindrance.

Chatting With Unlimited Investors  

One of the worst things about any Investment App in today’s age is the lack of communication between prospective investors and startup owners. But Crazy Money solves that problem pretty quickly. By paying the basic access fee, you will chat with investors or startup owners quite easily directly.

As the app allows you to chat for an unlimited time, you will be able to make your business deal way more exhaustively. Other startup funding apps only allow their users a limited number of chats. No business deal can blossom with a high regulation policy. Crazy Money knows that, and that is why it has allowed unlimited chat features.

Basic Fee Instead of the Usual 25% Charge  

If you research for any Fundraising app, you will see that they usually charge 25% on the entire business deal. But Crazy Money is not similar to them. It only asks you for the primary access fee. You will not have to worry about additional charges, brokerage, or commission fees after offering Crazy Money the monthly Fee.

By paying $49.99 a month, you will have free access to the data in Crazy Money. By reading this blog, we hope you got to understand how different Crazy Money is from any other Investment App. So, what are you waiting for? Start using Crazy Money right now!