7 Tips To Effectively Pitch Your Business To Potential Investors

7 Tips To Effectively Pitch Your Business To Potential Investors

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After you have established your business and started earning revenue, it’s time to get on the next step of your entrepreneurial journey – raising funding for your startup. Nowadays, you can register on a startup funding app to present your business idea to potential investors.

But, most entrepreneurs get tight-lipped when they are asked about securing funding for their businesses. This is because most startup owners who want to secure funding don’t know how to effectively pitch their ideas to investors.

How To Make A Winning Pitch For Investors On A Startup Investment App?

Any investor looking to invest online in startups wants those entrepreneurs who have a thorough understanding of their business. You must cover all the essential points of your business in your pitch to ensure that potential investors have everything they need to make up their minds.

Here’s how you can make your pitch worthy of the investor’s money.

Start With Your Story – How Did You Come Here?

Most investors willing to invest in startups and small businesses want to hear the personal experiences and reasons that have shaped the business. If you put forth a meaningful story, you have the attention of the investor in your pitch.

Start with your passion and how it is connected to your business. State the challenges you overcame to start this business. Make your voice so strong that it is irresistible to potential investors.

You can make edits to your story while pitching your business on a startup funding app to ensure that it is compact and complete.

Talk About Your Business – Define The Problem Your Business Solves

Your business exists to solve a problem.

Your business concept is appealing to investors as long as it solves a problem that affects the masses. Start describing your problem and throw a few questions out there that raise curiosity in the minds of investors.

Once the investor believes that your business solves a real problem, he/she will move forward with the pitch.

Find A USP To Highlight

There are thousands of startups getting registered every day. So, why will the investor want to put money into your business after reading about you in a startup investment app?

Here comes the importance of USP. Highlight two-three small points or one big unique point that makes your business stand out like a shark in an ocean.

Present Your Business In Numbers

“Let’s talk numbers”, said every investor once in every pitch!

It is very important for the investor to know how your business makes money. Share your revenue model/models and profits for the last few months.

But, mind you, the past is not enough. Discuss your month-on-month growth rate, future revenue projections, and relevant data to back them up.

Your numbers should add up and make sense to the investor.

Marketing And Sales Strategy

Define your target market. Investors are always interested in knowing the size of the market. Every activity of your business after product development revolves around your marketing and sales strategy. Characterize your ideal customer so that the investor can visualize the potential market.

Talk about how you will reach your customers and retain them. There’s nothing more attractive than portraying how your business will look in action.

Share Your Vision

Some investors also want to understand where you want to stand in the market in the next 5 years.

An entrepreneur sets goals for the business whereas a true entrepreneur sets a vision for the business, community, and nation.

Finish Off With Your Funding Needs

Wrap up your pitch by revisiting your funding needs. Talk about the ownership of the company, prior investment rounds, and future funding requirements. Be clear about how much percentage of your business you want to dilute.

Your Ultimate Destination To Secure Funds Is Crazy Money – A Raise Funding App For Startups

You won’t know whether or not you will get funding for your business unless you make a pitch. Present your business to investors who are willing to invest online in startups and take a chance to grow your business idea into something bigger and greater.

You can make your pitch on the official website of Crazy Money and reach out to investors who want to invest in startups and small businesses.

Don’t be numbed and secure some funds!